House Siding Project

Well 3 or 4 years later, getting around to finishing the addition. On 2 sides the sun (UV) really broke down the house wrap. Then the wind tore it off.







I think it was needed and I replaced it, there was some discussion about putting it back on, the main point was if you can’t wrap it into the rough openings it really doesn’t provide a vapor barrier.  Well I had it already, and then I also had the peel and stick window flashing, so the house wrap still added a vapor barrier.







Next was the foam insulation, First we tried to get it on a whole row at a time, for some reason it seemed to pucker too much, we did it in 10 foot sections so it was more manageable. And the because of that we taped the open joints with the same tape we used on the house wrap.







And now one side ready for siding on to the next side.







Started again this last weekend, go the housewrap and insulation on the second side, and then started the siding.





































A side and a half done, but more ready that I can do by myself, hopefully have the second side done by next weekend.

Well another weekend, finished the back side and started to prep the last side.

Dodging raindrops all weekend, but the siding is done..

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