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HTML to show program code in a post.

HTML code to add a table to post to show a code example. HTML Example < table border=”1″ width=”500″ height=”220″> < tbody> < tr> < th > Program Example < /th> < /tr> < tr> < td> < div style=”height: … Continue reading

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House Siding Project

Well 3 or 4 years later, getting around to finishing the addition. On 2 sides the sun (UV) really broke down the house wrap. Then the wind tore it off.             I think it was … Continue reading

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Foxpro to MySQL data conversion

This was part of a project I did a couple of years back. The project was to rewrite a intraweb application that was written in OdbicScript and used Foxpro tables for data storage. The goal was to make it more … Continue reading

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I can’t wait until spring!

These are my grandsons from about 2 years ago, so intent on what they are doing. They really enjoyed helping, putting the seeds so far apart, and then covering them up. What do they have extra, or what do we … Continue reading

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